At the tender age of 89, Dr. Tobias continues to be a very passionate and determined individual about things she found out to be right and truthful.


She is a 1953 medical graduate of the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines with a 4 year postgraduate training in Internal Medicine and Cardiology here in the US.


She's been in active medical practice in the US since 1959 after acquiring her license to practice in the State of Illinois.


Intrigued and a conscientious student of Alternative and Integrative Practices by 1972, she immediately embarked on integrating Alternative treatment methods to her medical practice. Through research, practice and foresight, she was recognized in 1976 as an Honoree at the 1976 Bicentennial celebration of American Pioneers in Preventive Health Care. With her continuing hunger and thirst for knowledge about her own health problems, and being in the forefront of introducing alternative treatment modalities into her complementary practice, she had patients coming from all over Chicagoland and neighboring states.


As a triumphant survivor from her own health ordeal (cancer, adrenal exhaustion, diabetes and now stroke), by 1980 her focus and energy intensified and were gradually turned toward her "New" medical practice but this time a Holistic one. After the Closing of her formal practice in 1995 and a very short retirement, she could not resist the urge to return to practice, hence the formal founding and establishment of Tobias Healing Institute to offer her services to those who seek a better quality of life well beyond the so called "elder years".


A few months shy from her 90th birthday; she is naturally enthused in helping her patients follow her footsteps of vitality, vim, vigor and zest for life and in trying to beat the all too common and accepted disabilities of the Aging process.


Dr. Felicitas Tobias has been practicing medicine and helping people heal from all kinds of diseases for 55 long but rewarding years.

Felicitas Tobias, M.D.


Holistic Healer

Medical Director

Co-Founder of Tobias Healing Institute


  • Medical Graduate Of The University Of Santo Tomas –Manila, Philippines — 1953

  • Internist By Training With 1 Year Residency In Cardiology — 1954 to 1959

  • Acquired Medical Practice License In Illinois — 1959

  • Founding Member Of International Academy Of Preventive Medicine — 1972

  • Founding Member Of International Academy Of Metabology — 1972

  • Board Certified In American Society Of Bariatric Physicians — 1972

  • Fellow – International College Of Applied Nutrition — 1973

  • Honoree In The 1976 Bicentennial Celebration / Edition Of Preventive Pioneers In Healthcare — 1976

  • Founding Member Of American Holistic Medical Association — 1978

  • Recognized as "Oak Park's Best in Alternative Medicine for the Year 2008"

  • Co-Founder of Tobias Healing Institute — 2002

  • Author of a soon to be released book on how to protect yourself against Chronic Degenerative diseases...