"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind."   ~Paracelsus

Our Clinic

Our programs are safe, integrative, holistic and complementary. They are based on a logical progression of the healing process. They are by no means in conflict with your current and undergoing treatment regimen.


When it comes to Health and Healing….You MUST know your options.

THI's focus and priority are on Preventive Care and on Non-Invasive, natural approaches to optimum health.
This method is the safest, less expensive, time tested, stress saver, effective and most rewarding experience. It is therefore, THI's responsibility to make you aware and for you to understand the differences between Prevention Care and Crises Care:
THI is unwavering in its belief that true prevention is the function and the sole responsibility of the individual.
THI is dedicated to empower you with the knowledge and skills to prevent you from being a victim of poor health. It is the proactive position to help your body maintain wellness before sickness strikes.
It is with this simple understanding that you can begin your journey toward total wellness.
Once you are in crisis, you need lots of prayers to keep you out of the roller coaster ride of modern medicine's present solutions. Solutions that are costly in terms of time, energy, money, resources, emotions, including lives.
at times can be necessary when you are in crisis. That's when they are invaluable to stem the tide of your deteriorating condition or imminent death. But whereas they are life savers, THI argues that it is wrong to keep patients taking drugs to take care of symptoms without addressing the root cause of these symptoms for the reasons that follow:
DRUGS...are like double edged swords. While they help they can also hurt you requiring more drugs to counteract their side effects aside from the regular doctor visits and laboratory tests to monitor the potential harm they inflict on the body. Quite a few of them can lead to addiction like morphine, amphetamines, designer drugs and other mood elevators. The reality is that our bodies suffer silently and complaining eventually in the form of symptoms warning us of deficiencies of elements and nutrients that are basic requirements for its normal functioning.
DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES...that can vary depending on your doctor's inclination or specialty. It can range from procedures that are very stressful or traumatic to the body. Some of them definitely contribute to the body's burden of free radicals that already abound in and around us. They can also be a prelude to unecessary invasive procedures.
HOSPITAL...visits to the emergency room, admittance for extensive evaluations or to the intensive care unit. Hospitalization has now become a breeding ground for infections of mortality proportions. About 70% of these hospital-acquired infections are resistant to at least one drug. In the United States, hospital-acquired infections alone afflict nearly 2 million patients and kill approximately 90,000 people annually, more than diabetes or influenza/pneumonia.
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
REMOVAL...of your organs that are expendable or their REPLACEMENT with a diminished future and quality of life.
While THI is poised to give you immediate relief from your symptoms, its focus and passion is to hasten the recovery of your lost wellness. How? By adhering to THI’s healing protocol outlined below:
  1. The Detoxification procedure at all levels particularly the Liver, Colon & Spleen
  2. The Energy conservation and enhancement
  3. The replenishment of your depleted reserves
  4. The regeneration of malfunctioning organs
  5. The Balancing of a disturbed metabolism predicated in balancing your body chemistry with special attention to optimizing liver function along with supporting the thyroid and adrenal glands whose functions are compromised early on.
You have to understand and realize that once steps 1 through 5 are being accomplished, the body goes into homeostasis or stable state also known as internal equilibrium. It is only through this process in chronological importance that one can begin to value and become the recipient of the following benefits:
  • Big savings in energy, time and resources
  • More in control of one's health
  • Improved quality of life, virility, vitality, energy and longevity
  • Improved confidence, self esteem, effectiveness, productivity, personal relationships, peace of mind, serenity and security
  • Well defined purpose in life
  • Absence of side effects from agents that are foreign or unnatural to the body
  • To be a Master of one's Destiny
  • Disease Reversal
  • Disease Prevention
  • Health Promotion
  • Slowing down the aging process
  • A Stress-saver for loved ones, care givers and other involved entities


“The pain is gone!

My left neck and shoulder hurt all the time. I would wake up at night in pain. Also, I experienced lower back pain on the right side. I was 50-75% pain free after treatment on neck. Back pain completely gone. I don't know the names of the machines she used. All I know is they work.”

Pat C., Westchester-IL

“This adverse reaction nearly cost my life...

I met Dr. Tobias in December, 1988 after a severe drug reaction I had from drugs prescribed by my local medical doctor for a back injury. This adverse reaction nearly cost my life. I was released from the Marshfield Hospital with little hope of recovery. I learned about Dr. Tobias and her alternative health care through a friend. After several visits to her office in Chicago, I regained my stamina and ultimately returned to an optimum level of vibrant health. I feel I owe my recovery to Dr. Tobias' profound and diverse knowledge and application ofcomplementary health care. I personally recommend her services to anyone seeking optimum health and longevity. Thank you, Dr. Tobias!"

Doris T. J., Wisconsin Rapids-WI

“Help, Hope and Recovery!

After years of being diagnosed with MS, and when no doctor could help me, I turned to Holistic care. I searched and have found Dr. Tobias at Tobias Healing Institute.For your health's sake, whether labeled with a disabling disease; or to maintain good health; you really have to get to know Dr. Tobias. She will gently guide you through with her expertise, by personally educating you back to better health along with the proper nutrition and supplements for your body.Your life will never be the same again. I am on the roadto recovery and "YES" there is a light at the end of the tunnel.Dr. Tobias has been a real help and the only solution to my medical needs. Sickness or health. It's your choice. For my health, my choice in doctors, is Dr. Tobias!

Maureen K., River Forest-IL

“I can now run circles around my friends...

When I reached age 50 my health problems were crippling my life. Between my family Doctor, my dentist and an Ear-Nose-Throat specialist I had been over-medicated for several years. The more drugs I was given the sicker I became. The turning point in my life was when someone told me about Dr. Felicitas Tobias.How the body functions and the secret of cleanse and nourish were important lessons Dr. Tobias taught me over the years. I can now run circles around my friends who are also in their 70's. At least the ones who are still alive. Thanks to my "NATURAL DOCTOR" I have avoided major illnesses and learned how to deal with the minor ones. Enjoying the Golden Years without poor health is a priceless gift given to me by a truly caring professional.

Pat B., North Riverside-IL